Introduction to GeoGebra for Learning and Teaching


  Learning Intentions and Success Criteria [Show/Hide]

Learning intentions

  1. gain knowledge of existing resources related to GeoGebra for (a) gaining technical skills with GeoGebra and (b) use for mathematics learning and teaching
  2. gain introductory technical skills with GeoGebra

Success criteria

  1. describe at least one GeoGebra applet applicable for use for mathematics learning and teaching in both:
    • a wiki discussion post
    • a 2-minute workshop presentation
  2. export a GeoGebra Dynamic worksheet (HTML file with embedded applet) meeting all of these characteristics:
    • at least 3 independent objects
    • at least 3 dependent objects
    • all of the following:
      • a checkbox controlling another object
      • a slider controlling another object
      • interactive text that changes as you modify another object (e.g. dragging, using a slider, selecting a checkbox)

  Secondary Learning Intentions [Show/Hide]

  1. gain knowledge of open educational resources (OER), specifically as it relates to the GeoGebra license and use
  2. exposure to ways technology tools can expand options for content access, delivery, and engagement (e.g. hosting content such as GeoGebra applets in a wiki)
  3. exposure to sample free technology tools that can expand options for assessment (e.g. Jing, SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, That Quiz)


  1. Explore Existing GeoGebra Applets

  2. Introduction to Using GeoGebra

  3. Advanced GeoGebra Techniques

  4. Looking Ahead: GeoGebra v4 (beta as of 11/2010)

Collaborative Notes and Topics

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Developed for University of Southern Maine (USM) Extended Teacher Education Program (ETEP)
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