Selected Technology Resources Website


GeoGebra Help 3.2
  • the same help accessed through GeoGebra>Help>Help
  • content topics and keyword search feature

Basic Help
  • quickstart guide, introductory book, link to YouTube GeoGebra channel (many tutorials), and the official manual

GeoGebra Know How (Advanced Help)
  • keyboard shortcuts, tutorials, javascript methods, exporting and embedding information, etc.

GeoGebra User Forum
  • search topics and ask your own questions

GeoGebra Upload Manager
  • free server access to save GeoGebra files including HTML and .ggb
  • designed for use with the GeoGebra wiki
  • also link to this from the GeoGebra wiki page

Other Resources Related to GeoGebra

GeoGebra Wiki (Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska, Ithaca College)
  • see specifically the "Learn and Teach GeoGebra" link

HighAIMS GeoGebra workshop resources (wiki)

Creating Mathlets with Open Source Tools. (Hohenwarter, M., & Preiner, J. The Journal of Online Mathematics and Its Applications. 7: Article 1574.)
Dynamic Mathematics with GeoGebra. (Hohenwarter, M., & Preiner, J. The Journal of Online Mathematics and Its Applications. 7: Article 1448.)
  • Markus Hohenwarter is the creator of GeoGebra
  • the second article includes a short history of GeoGebra

GeoGebra in Algebra I Professional Development Project
  • online course site repository (EDC; a Moodle site); enter as Guest

GeoGebra in North America Wiki
  • includes announcements for webinar workshop events and links to North American GeoGebra Institutes

GeoGebra-North America Google Group
  • discussion group

  • free webpage authoring software can be used to edit HTML, manage websites, etc.
  • similar to Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe Dreamweaver
  • General Public License (GNU GPL 2.0)

Additional Free Applets (not GeoGebra; may not be OER)

Shodor Project Interactivate

Freudenthal Institute's WisWeb
  • applets and instructional materials
  • for applets click on the work "applets" in the first paragraph
  • Example: Algebra Arrows

Concord Consortium's SeeingMath

NLVM (National Library of Virtual Manipulatives)

  • interactive online math lessons platform that incorporates applets (including NLVM and from other sites) and assessment capability; includes sharing and reporting features.
  • Example: Spotting Numbers Problems (incorporates WisWeb tool in multi-lesson sequence)
  • GeoGebra Math (Site to Watch - in development!): (will be similar to eNLVM but focused more on incorporating GeoGebra and may have more advanced taxonomy and assessment capabilities)

Jim Reed (Argyll Center)


  • screencasts of selection; also screenshots
  • free basic version allows up to 5 min. screencasts (make them shorter!)
  • file type (.swf, Flash) loads in a browser and uploads to websites easily
  • no editing

QuickTime X
  • screencasts of entire screen
  • NOT freely available for all platforms, but it is pre-loaded on the MLTI 2010-2011 image and can do screencasts and limited editing
  • link above is informational only

  • free basic service with limited number of questions (10), restricted exporting capability
  • easy to use and many item options

  • basic skills automaticity practice
  • create custom assessments and use those created by others; includes results reporting capability

Google Forms
  • surveys
  • can include images with a extra work and your own server with hosting capability
  • part of Google Docs suite; based on spreadsheet

  • OER learning management system similar to Blackboard - requires hosting on a server
  • includes discussion forum, quiz, blog, and other features

EDU 2.0 for School
  • learning management system similar to Moodle and Blackboard - no download or server needed (cloud hosting)
  • includes many features such as multiple classes, quizzes, surveys, wikis, document hosting, etc.
  • NOT OER - read the license and terms carefully

Link Management

(in addition to blogs, wikis, learning management systems, and your own web page.....)

  • shorten website urls to make typing them easier

  • link sharing site; can host multiple links for you

  • a social bookmarking site; you can use specific tags to designate topics

  • bookmark utility/hosting; NOT a social bookmarking site

  • web-based information management system including tools like highlighting, boxes, and arrows

Blended RSS feeds:
  • article explains ways to set this up