Looking Ahead: GeoGebra 4.0

GeoGebra is continuously evolving, and there are versions of GeoGebra that are being developed that extend it's capability in different ways. The next jump in capability is expected to be GeoGebra 4.0; right now this is available in Beta version. The Beta versions are currently numbered 3.9.x. Tools and applets created using a Beta version may not work properly in future Beta versions or the final released version 4.0, since the code is being changed as it is tested and refined.

Links for GeoGebra 4.0 Beta

GeoGebra 4.0 will include things like:

  • CAS (computer algebra system) capability and view
  • two graphics windows
  • sound integration
  • greater window control and options
  • simplified and expanded list of commands
  • Button controls (like in a web page)
  • Text input fields
  • expanded export to dynamic worksheet functions, including export multiple worksheets using tabs or linked files
  • inequalities
  • multivariate functions: f(x,y)
  • embedded Javascript methods
  • virtual keyboard
  • Pen tool (drawing with the cursor)
  • animated GIF export

Other major developments in progress:

  • GeoGebra3D (right now is being developed in France and Sweden)
  • GeoGebraMobile for smartphones and smaller devices
  • GeoGebra joystick control
  • For more information and images see slides from a recent Keynote Address by Markus Hohenwarter (pdf download)