Collaborative Notes and Topics

Use this page to write down any notes, words, phrases, and tips that come up during or after the workshop.

This is also a good place to write down any helpful information you know or you've learned about GeoGebra that can help others in the group, including information about any Advanced Topics you've looked at.

Try to write any definitions or instructions in words that everyone can understand, and feel free to include links, examples, non-examples, common misconceptions/mistakes, and/or uploaded images as appropriate. To upload images use "File" in the editing toolbar. and upload then double-click to select the image.

If you are taking notes during the workshop, remember it's more important to get the words and basics and worry about order, edits, etc. later.

Example topic:

Drawing pad (GeoGebra) - also called "graphics view"
  • drawingPad.png
  • Cartesian coordinate grid with x and y axes
  • to change properties right-click (control-click on Mac) on the drawing pad and use menu; for more options select "Drawing pad"
  • to save the drawing pad settings to open the same way every time you start GeoGebra, set it up how you want it and then select Options>Save Settings
  • the drawing pad does NOT include the algebra view, toolbar, input bar, spreadsheet view, navigation bar, or construction protocol window

Notes and Topics: