Advanced GeoGebra Techniques

Learning Intentions: build on the primary leaning intention of "gain introductory technical skills with GeoGebra" - these are more advanced skills

Success Criteria: None - this is beyond the scope of the introductory workshop

NOTE: This page is old and written for GeoGebra version 3.2 (the current version is 4.0.X)

Strategies and Resources for Learning to Use GeoGebra

Places and strategies for help (see also the Selected Technology Resources page):

Other GeoGebra Help Documents and Resources including:

Search and ask questions using the GeoGebra Forum (screencast tutorial)

GeoGebra Wiki (Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska, Ithaca College)
  • see the "Learn and Teach GeoGebra" link

Strategy: Deconstruct a tool using the Construction Protocol or looking at the Object Properties

Topic of Possible Interest

One way to set up dynamic conditional fractions using LaTex (video tutorial example)

  • change with a slider, checkbox, or spreadsheet value
  • radians vs. degrees

Animation using Sliders
  • change the speed of animation

Conditional Functions
  • If[a>3, a x+2] and If[x>3, x + 2]

Conditional Visibility
  • If[]
  • Properties>Advanced

Construction Protocol

Corner Command
  • Corner[1]

Custom Toolbar

Dynamic Colors

Dynamic Text
  • LaTex (checkbox, $)
  • search GeoGebra Help 3.2 for "Text Tool" and "Text Command"


FractionText[] Command


  • Go to GeoGebra Help and search for "Layers"

Point Capturing
  • Go to GeoGebra Help and search for "point capturing"
  • in GeoGebra, select Options>Point Capturing

  • a tab in Object Properties for some objects

Random Numbers
  • Random[] Command
  • RandomBetween[] Command
  • Techniques to generate new random numbers (refresh, keyboard shortcut, checkbox, slider, object movement)


Sequences and Lists
  • Sequence[] Command
  • Element[] Command

  • record trace to spreadsheet

  • clear trace using background image (search the GeoGebra Forum for terms(use these words exactly): remove traces image background)

Restricting Points (to a defined rectangular, circular, or sector area)
  • See GeoGebra Forum and search for this phrase: "limiting a point inside a polygon"

User Defined Tools